A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff)

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I have never contacted this company, nor have I opted in for anything. They
got my e-mail adress from a spam protected e-mail image on my website, and
now they don't understand why people don't like them. Here is the complaint
they have sent to all the people they are spamming. The feel so innocent
(ant that is fun and sad at the
same time):

SPAMHAUS www.spamhaus.org

Here's a question, people.  Why has The Viral Spiral been down?  It's a
matter of cat and mouse.  We have been selling data and Spamhaus feels that
we should not be doing that.  Therefore Spamhaus has decided to chase my
company wherever we go and shut us down.  My company has lost two domains.
www.theviralspiral.com & www.theviral.com and we are continually being
hunted.  We are now located at www.theviralnews.com

Quote from Spamhaus:  "[The Viral Spiral] For whatever reason, you have
sent spam to our spamtraps advertising your ability to deliver junk. It is
our objective to prevent you from doing that. If we have succeeded in that,
we are happy, whether you are two fellows with laptops or ten partners with
three floors in a datacenter"  Spamhaus Project Team

Why aren't there traps for telemarketing and/or direct mail?  Why must
email be policed from another country?  Who are these people policing the
internet?  Anyone could have added any email address to my form on my
website.  Why am I being punished?  Todd and I sell data.  We have a great
track record of happy clients.  Selling data is not illegal!

Quickie Marketing and The Viral Spiral do not send email to consumers.  We
have tried many times to do so, yet we always run into problems with
servers.   It is an ongoing process so basically, we are not up and running
so we can individually send campaigns.  Our intentions are good and the
offers that we promote are excellent.  We do not and have not promoted bad
material.  In fact, we were somewhat responsible for the famous VIOXX

We were attacked by a oproject teamĚ called Spamhaus; a project of
people who track spammers and bring their servers down in cooperation with
many internet service providers.  Don't get me wrong as I understand the
nuisance of spam (I have wrote many articles about it), yet I appreciate
good offers that are presented through email.  What ever happened to the
first amendment of freedom of speech?  In this case, we have no say.

It is irresponsible for any "project team" to shut down a company (big
or small) that makes money to eat and pay the mortgage without an expeident
way to contact the project team and rectify mistakes.   We got listed on the
"Spamhaus Site" (www.spamhaus.org) because we have been selling data
with a company they claim are spammers.  Todd and I (Quickie Marketing ‚?"
The Viral Spiral) are only selling advertising on our website and selling
optin data, which they (Spamhaus) consider is not owned by anyone else but
the consumers alone, yet the consumers did not read the privacy policies
where we have the right to resell their information.  Is that our fault?

We are talking about electricity storage.  Data placed on servers.  Data
sold.  No human signatures that can prove justification.  It's not our
fault that we somehow "Spammed" some person who knows Spamhaus or had a
grudge and reported us.  Anyone can hack into my system or add a "bad"
email.  Why would someone do such a thing?

These allegations towards my company working with "Spammers" is
ludicrous.  The Viral Spiral is and always has been a trusted name in this
industry for over three years and will continue to be.  Spamhaus doesn't
care about anyone of us for whatever reason.  They are selfishly campaigning
against companies despite false allegations and with hearsay.

This is my opinion, yet my opinion should count as a citizen of the United
States.  The direct point is as simple as sliced bread.  If someone has a
beef, they must confront the opponent and both parties must have full
contact information and have a right to speak.  From my research, Spamhaus
is located in *Great Britain or that is where they are listed on Network
Solutions' WhoIs:
(http://www.networksolutions.com/en_US/whois/index.jhtml )

Yet, the only way to contact them on their website is only through email,
after they send you an email once you contact them through a form.

I have spoken with many companies that are getting shut down by Spamhaus and
all of them have no way to contact them besides "one" email address.
It's like crying over spilled milk and they are laughing about it.  Where
is the democracy in this situation?  Where is the freedom of speech?  Todd
and I only send a newsletter to what we know is/are internet marketers.  Why
are we being hunted like a fox from the British?  Is that irony?  I want
justice.  I want to be heard.  I personally feel like this is a modern day
witch hunt.  We have done nothing wrong.

The Viral Spiral would like to thank Marvin Jones Jr. Esq. for legal
guidance and counseling.  If you have any legal questions or concerns please
contact Marvin Jones Jr. Esq at (310) 991-3688 or info@tpginternational.com
or marvinjesq (AIM).

Spamhaus' only contact information:

*Domain ID:D10906601-LROR


Created On:01-Oct-1999 11:03:57 UTC

Last Updated On:08-Dec-2004 11:02:31 UTC

Expiration Date:01-Oct-2005 11:03:57 UTC

Sponsoring Registrar:Tucows Inc. (R11-LROR)



Registrant ID:tuWAmwQ9ydXs0CSD

Registrant Name:Spamhaus Hostmaster

Registrant Organization:The Spamhaus Project LTD.

Registrant Street1:The Phoenix

Registrant Street2:Taggs Island

Registrant City:Hampton

Registrant State/Province:MIDDX

Registrant Postal Code:TW122HA

Registrant Country:GB

Registrant Phone:+44.8454585077

Registrant Email:abuse@pandora.spamhaus.org


Admin Name:Spamhaus Hostmaster

Admin Organization:The Spamhaus Project LTD.

Admin Street1:The Phoenix

Admin Street2:Taggs Island

Admin City:Hampton

Admin State/Province:MIDDX

Admin Postal Code:TW122HA

Admin Country:GB

Admin Phone:+44.8454585077

Admin Email:abuse@pandora.spamhaus.org

Tech ID:tu7WpzzS429aZ6xO

Tech Name:Spamhaus Hostmaster

Tech Organization:The Spamhaus Project LTD.

Tech Street1:The Phoenix

Tech Street2:Taggs Island

Tech City:Hampton

Tech State/Province:MIDDX

Tech Postal Code:TW122HA

Tech Country:GB

Tech Phone:+44.8454585077

Tech Email:abuse@pandora.spamhaus.org





The Viral Spiral 695 SW Millview Way Suite 106 Bend, OR 97702

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Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff)

"Richard" <richard> wrote:

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But... but... you're including all the hyperlinks from their original
message. How can that encourage them to stop the abuse?

Anyway, a fun read so thanks for sharing.


Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff)

On 24 Jun 2005 Roy Schestowitz wrote in alt.www.webmaster

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I like spam. Got this with a fake Rolex watch spam.

Swan instead of the Goose. The Swan, threatened with death, telephone lines
in this country, since they are all underground. Florida, waiting for
customers who never came. "It was," he says, "a normal lack of self - esteem
of women in North America. The widespread the information. At the beginning
of 1990, there was still an active debate in possibly do you much harm." The
Man, laughing, replied, "Now you get in on account of the ornaments on their
heads, were all myth. To inhabitant your e-mail address tawny from to
incontinent, please visit during cataclysm. Graduation punishing school boy
Sign caudal up to receive offers calculable. Chronicle assessment, please
limpet let us know. muslin This covetous email was flinch sent integration,
what will be the dominant culture adapted by all? replied, "That I might
attain your royal hand, there is nothing


Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff)

"Richard" <richard> wrote in message
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As much as I hate spammers, I also hate unaccountable "spam nazis".
Especially these "blacklist" maintainers who block whole IP blocks on a whim
and have absolutely NO contact information.  Their site usually says
something along the lines of "Haha, we blocked you, too bad, so sad!"

- SG

Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff)

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People who can do that for big blocks often don't do such things on a whim.
Moreover, some blocks should stay there for the next 20 years.

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Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff) (spamhaus)

Richard wrote:
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awww poor spammer!

Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff) (spamhaus)

Viper wrote:
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Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it
Quoted text here. Click to load it

What amazes me is we infact have a clueful spammer here. He seems to be
totally clued in to how stupid he is! I guess this qualifies as
meta-stupid, or maybeber-stupid. *sheesh*

http://www.dorkchat.com/chat/login <-- chat for the clueful masses

Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff) (spamhaus)

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I kinda like "willfully stupid" myself.

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Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff) (spamhaus)

Thusly, it was spoken by the voices from within Viper's head on
6/24/2005 12:43 PM:
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<snip spanked spammer spam>
Quoted text here. Click to load it
I'm not a drinker, but Mr. Linford is at the top of the very short list
of people who I would buy a pint.
Test, Jamie, Test.
Just remember:  It's the shiny side out.

Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff) (spamhaus)

On Fri, 24 Jun 2005 13:55:09 -0700, Roger Bryant

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He has a free case here should he ever visit. :)

William R. James

Re: A poor spammer complaining (funny stuff) (spamhaus)

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A real confidence builder.

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Hmm, were they readed?

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Shirley a Rule # 3 "thingie" or whatever rule may cover inherent

Money is for spending, not eating.

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Always has been for three years.

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Spammer wisdom is priceless.

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Birds of a feather...

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The majority rules, and they have chosen to block you.  Although
unfortunate for you, that's how democracy works.     :(

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Speech is free.  However, spamming and/or providing spam support does
come with a price.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

If you are referring to the fact that you now find yourself on a list
which no one wants to be on and is given away free, for selling lists
which no one asked /wants to be, then yes.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

He yelps, as the loud speakers blar out the Doors' "Come on Baby Light
My Fire."



"Not making any assumptions here, not making any accusations
 here, just asking for people's opinions......."

 Management Kook, *clueless* newbie, motivated by anger, hostility,
 rage, paranoia and a personal quest for revenge, st00pidly posted
 anti-spammer Brian Bruns, SOSDG.org's personal info in NANAE in an
 act of immature cowardly revenge w/o benefit of proper research and
 w/o performing necessary due diligence.



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