A newbie question about NVU (templates)

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I am a newbie trying to design a simple Web site. I've found a free
website creation package, called NVU, which seems to work all right
and to do what I want it to do.

However, I would like to create my site using an existing template
modifying it. I don't want to do everything from scratch. And here's
the problem. I can't find any templates for NVU. I see a lot of
templates for other web creation packages (such as DreamWeaver or
Pablo Wysiwyg), but none for NVU.

Are there any Nvu users around? Is there somebody who can tip me about
Nvu templates - preferrably free or at least inexpensive?

Thanks for any tip!


Re: A newbie question about NVU (templates)

On May 25, 8:34 am, grub...@gazeta.pl wrote:
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Well, as far as I know, there is no templating system for Nvu
especially. But, in my opinion, it's a good thing because you just
work with files that are XHTML/HTML and CSS witch are standards.

So, go to http://www.oswd.org/ and choose a design you like. Then
learn a little bit of CSS and you're on the run!

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Re: A newbie question about NVU (templates)

sebzzz@gmail.com writes
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Thanks to the OP and yourself for the pointer. Just what I was looking
for too.
Paul Mc
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