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The posting about my test page that worked in Firefox but failed in Opera
made me search around the 'net for alternatives for changing background
images.  I found out that there is a significant difference between naming
a property in JavaScript and naming the same one in JavaScript.

My CSS references paid no attention to JavaScript so failed to mention it.

My JavaScript references paid little attention to CSS and any mention of
upper-case in it refers either to naming new things or converting strings
to upper-case.  I just found out (with a bunch of Googling) that use of
hyphenated style attributes requires a name change when using them in

CSS:          some-property-name-with-hyphens
JavaScript:   somePropertyNameWithHyphens

For example, I have to use "background-image" in the style information
and use "backgroundImage" in the JavaScript.

.foo { background-image: url('foo.gif'); }

I don't have to use sub-tables (which don't work in Opera since it seems
to be able to increase a table-cell size but not decrease it) after all
and can directly change the background images.

I can also go back to using a 9 x 9 table and change the images to scroll
within the larger 32x32 matrix.

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