A few newbie questions

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Hi all,

I have a couple websites with about 70 webpages on Earthlink personal
webspace (i.e. the current domain is //home.earthlink.net/).

I have fairly decent Google rankings on a lot of these pages, and I
need to get them onto a regular webhost.

1) I have to pick a new domain name. Does the domain name itself have
any effect on future Google rankings?  Is "xyz" as good a domain name
as one that has relevant keywords in it?

2)  I guess I have to do 301 redriects from the Earthlink pages to
the new addresses once they're established, correct?

3)  Does length of subscription on the new webhost have any
Does multiple years subscription indicate to Google a non-junk-spam
website?  (I've seen stuff on the web that indicates this is so,
on a Google patent application.)

4)  Any suggestions for good quality webhosts?

Thanks, Rich

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