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Hi all, a couple of years ago I created a website with my songs

The site has grown up with time and now I have the sensation that it
might be confuse and not easy to surf.

I'm thinking about changing it and I wonder if somebody could  give me
his opinion in what is wrong now.

Thanks to anyone who cares.



Re: a change for a site

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I am immediately annoyed by the small fonts, the flashing images, the
justified text, and the narrow columns.  I am neither using IE nor an
800x600 browser window, so your "optimized" site is rather annoying.

Generally, I don't understand why songs and lyrics are different
selections that lead to the same content.  I don't get why you can't put
a discography on the home page.

Re: a change for a site

Doc O'Leary wrote:
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Did your cursor change to a crosshair?  That's annoying, too. Don't
mess with my mouse and its display.

    -This space intentionally left blank.

Re: a change for a site

Forging a path through the Usenet jungle, armed only with a rusty  
Thunderbird 1.0.2, Beauregard T. Shagnasty stumbled into alt.www.webmaster  
and said:

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yes, isn't it

Whatever you do - do something.

Re: a change for a site

Thanks to everybody, I agree the fonts are too small.
I thought the crosshair cursor would stimulate curiosity and make
people move around the mouse , but could also  be annoying as you say.
I'll be working on some changes on the next weekend.
Thanks folks.

On Tue, 24 May 2005 01:34:24 +0100, "William Tasso"

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