A/B multivariate testing

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Hey all,
    Ever heard of a/b testing?  it's where you serve up a different
version of the same webpage to different users at random and use web
analytics to statistically determine which is more effective for your
business.  Does anybody out there know how to do this technically?  All
the online resources I've found are about the merits of a/b testing
followed by "buy my product!"  Lookin for an explanation so I can
concoct my own hairbrained solution.


Re: A/B multivariate testing

Fleeing from the madness of the http://groups.google.com jungle
and said:

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Any server-side processing should be able to accomplish the randomising.  
Measuring the effectiveness will depend on your ability to clearly define  

William Tasso


Re: A/B multivariate testing

do you know of any books or resources specifically that would help us
figure out how to implement this server or client side?

William Tasso wrote:
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Re: A/B multivariate testing

Lord Farquod wrote:
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If your server supports asp, then just name your two index pages
"index1.htm" and "index2.htm", then upload a simple file called "index.asp"
containing the following code.....

decider = int(rnd*2)+1
if decider = 1 then response.redirect("index1.htm")
if decider = 2 then response.redirect("index2.htm")

That's all you need to serve up either home page randomly......Now you just
need to analyse your web-logs to see which is geting the best response.....


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