301 redirect not working with certain URLs

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i've been updating my .htaccess file with 301 redirects but there is a
series of URLs that i cannot get to redirect correctly. here is one

here is my redirect statement:

redirect 301 /products/circuit_protection/esd-emi_filter_protection/
stf701 http://www.semtech.com/circuit-protection/emi-filters/stf701 /

the result is a 404 error and the following URL displayed in the
browser..note how the redirected URL has "_filter_protection" added to
it even though I did not specify this in my redirect statement above


is there some issue in how "_" characters are interpreted in the
command...i'm no expert here but maybe somebody has some simple advice
i could follow.

Re: 301 redirect not working with certain URLs

David Guerra wrote:
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The _ is not the problem.  You could just put an index.php page in each
old directory with:
header( 'Location: http://www.example.com/new_page.html ' ) ;

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Re: 301 redirect not working with certain URLs

TK wrote:
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WHY would you ever want to do that?  Not only would it be something
additional to maintain, it will ONLY redirect the index.php file.

To the original op: I'm not sure why this wouldn't work, but then I'm
not much of an expert in Apache configuration.  It could be, for
instance, a previous rule is overriding your current rule, or any of a
number of things.  However, the folks over in alt.apache.configuration
are very knowledgeable and I recommend you ask them.

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