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Say I have 2 domains: www.2-this.com and www.To-this.com.  I want to
have both domains to reach the same website.  If I get a web host to
host the site under the domain www.2-this.com, what should I do to have
the www.To-this.com pointing to the same site?

The domain registrar offers the "forward domain" service.  I can also
have the domain name parked at the web host so that it points to the
site.  I wonder which method is preferred by the search engines or if
there is any difference at all.

Thanks in advance!


Re: 2 Domains & 1 Site

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Park it yourself on your account if that's available.

Re: 2 Domains & 1 Site

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301 redirect one to the other.

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Re: 2 Domains & 1 Site

John Bokma wrote

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That's what I do.

To the OP:

I put up all the domains I want to redirect, as websites in their own
right.  I then upload a php index page (index.php) for each one
containing this code:


header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");
header("Location: http://example.com ");


Where "example.com" is the site I want to redirect them to.  Doing it
this way means that search bots get a meaningful reply.

In my case the sites in question were once sites in their own right, so
they have in fact "moved".

Charles Sweeney

Re: 2 Domains & 1 Site

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One for each?  I have one for all.  Most of the time it simply strips the  
"www." and issues the 301.  However it does occasionally get tasked with  
cross domain action.

Currently the domains are in the script, but I may shift them into a db if  
the clients tell they want the facility.

Don't forget to add the entire URL inc. query string if any.

William Tasso

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Re: 2 Domains & 1 Site

William Tasso wrote

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Yes, the domain names are different.  I put up a "site" (one index page)
for each domain.

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I do that within the main sites.

It evolved this way for me.  The sites were already up, and had their
own content.  It was a simple matter to upload an index page to redirect

Charles Sweeney

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