1t3.com "saying goodbye"

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I can't believe the problems I had with this Hosting Company?
Free is not free when you can't or don't receive tech support.
Loosing connectivity or being down is awful. Waiting for tech support
and not geting timly answers is awful. There is something wrong there.

After a week or so I found a new Hosting company. :)

Now I get a bill from 1t3 for renewal of the Domain Name. Huge money
just to renew the domain name. I thought I was rid of them almost a
year ago.

You will have to ask / request your Hosting company to transfer you to
their Registrar. If you have a good hosting company, they will help you
do it quickly. There is a seperate  process of transfering your domain

I found out that there are two steps that have to be done:

1.HOSTING; To leave a hosting company you have to be transfered to
another HOST. Your new  Host company will help you do this.
2.DOMAIN NAME: The Registrar for your Domain name. If you want to get
away from the hosting company, you have to transfer your domain name to
a new Registrar. Ask your new HOSTING CO. to transfer your domain name.
You own the Domain Name - no one else. So you have to request it. This
can be a 7 to 10 day process. You can't do it directly, the New Hosting
Company will initiate the process for you.

One thing 1t3 did respond to the transfer request. An experiece with
this type of company is unbelievable.

They will have to keep their promises if they want to stay in business.
Or, change the way they do business. You can't have an excellent Sales
Forces backed up by relativly no tech support. They have to keep the
promises that they advertise on their website. You have to service what
you sell, sorry no service. Bad experience.

Regards, Raymond

Re: 1t3.com "saying goodbye"

raymondbalta@gmail.com says...
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There is no such thing as free - there's always a hitch.

Re: 1t3.com "saying goodbye"

Forging a path through the alt.www.webmaster jungle, armed only with a  
rusty G2/0.2, ray..........gmail.com burst into a clearing and said:

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Can be a minefield if you don't know what is involved. Sounds like you  
have now learned the lessons of domain management Grasshopper.

Whatever you do - do something.

Re: 1t3.com "saying goodbye"

William Tasso wrote:
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He still has a lot ot learn. From the way I read what he posted he is still
allowing a web host to register his domain. This is a bad idea. What if you
have a falling out with the host and they keep the domain?

Re: 1t3.com "saying goodbye"

ray..........gmail.com wrote:
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Again never let your host register your domain. Goto www.godaddy.com or
www.namecheap.com and have control over your domains.

Re: 1t3.com "saying goodbye"

Excellent advice.
However, if you and your Host have established an excellent working
relationship you can rely on their advice based on their track record.
With a 100% satisfaction, I have something to go bye.

When I went to seek out a new host, I did some heavy searching so I
wouldn't repeat the same errors.

They referred me to a Registrar and I have full confidence in the
choice. I know I own the Domain name and now have a better appreciation
of "How Too."  I can lock and unlock my domain on my own.

Yes, there is a learning curve. The more I learn, the more I learn how
to avoid "Puffing" and a possible "Scam." Also, never hurts to check
out anyone on the Internet. Google is one great way to get
recommendations - and Groups like this.

It doesn't take rocket science, just have to find that door. To open
the dorr is easy.  It has allowed me to build a website to be proud of.
But still learning - this is a year later.

Regards, Raymond
http://www.thelithuanians.com /

Re: 1t3.com "saying goodbye"

Forging a path through the alt.www.webmaster jungle, armed only with a  
rusty G2/0.2, Raymond burst into a clearing and said:

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Whatever you do - do something.

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