Zero administration sshd on windows?

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We are running a small peer to peer network, and would like to have
each machine running an SFTP/SCP client and server. Each machine has
one directory, specific to our applications - call it "c:\OurApp", in
which we would like to have all access to our files and executables.

It looks like we can use psftp and pscp for the clients, and OpenSSH
as the server.

Because OpenSSH is Cygwin based, the setup creates UNIX-like base
directories. Is there any way to specify that the Cygwin directories
install and run under the "c:\OurApp" system of directories?

Also, transfers across our network should operate independently of
non-technical users, so setup and logon need to be done
programmatically, with no consoles popping up to confuse the users.

Is this a possibility, and if so, where can I go for more specific
information on doing this - especially bringing Cygwin into our sphere
of directories?

Mark Edwards

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