XP > edit/vim doesnt work with OpenSSH

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I have Windows XP Pro box with the latest version of OpenSSH installed.
Also I have gvim 6.3 for windows installed.

The problem here is that when i ssh to this box and try to open an
editor(vim/edit), the editor doesnot comeup in the terminal, but from
the task manger i can see the process running.

What could be wrong here, everything else is a default setup here.


azmi dot ahmad at gmail dot com

Re: XP > edit/vim doesnt work with OpenSSH

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Firewall? And are you using the CygWin running, which frankly works
surprisingly well and might allow you a way to edit such tools remotely?

Re: XP > edit/vim doesnt work with OpenSSH

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Make sure you have the console version of vim, not the windowed version
(called gvim).  Your ssh session gives you a dos command prompt, from which
you can start programs but not see them if they open a new window.

The same applies if you start Notepad or MS Word - you'll see it in task
manager, but you can't use it unless you can actually see the graphical screen
of the windows machine.

You have two basic options:  
  1) run a console editor (like vim) instead of a windowed one (like gvim).
  2) use VNC or Windows Remote Terminal to see the entire screen of the
  windows box, and then you can use graphical programs.  If encryption is
  desired, both of these can be tunnelled over SSH.
Mark Rafn    dagon@dagon.net    <http://www.dagon.net/

Re: XP > edit/vim doesnt work with OpenSSH

I apologise  for the incomplete information but i am using 'vim' from
the command line and not gvim, also atleast I expect the windows 'edit'
command to work on command line.

I am not using the complete cygwin(only the minimal that comes with
OpenSSH), since my team has standardised on MKS Toolkit. But vim/edit
doesnt simply works on the ssh terminal, i tried both win32 cmd.exe
shell and MKS bash. Also, the same installation works with 2 other SSH
daemons namely WinSSHd(www.bitwise.com) and VShell(www.vandyke.com).


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