XMing hangs over wireless connection

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(This was also posted on comp.windows.x - apologies if this
cross-posting offends anyone.)

I'm using XMing at home to connect to an Ubuntu platform. The Ubuntu
machine connects to the LAN via wireless.

I have two Windows XP machines using Xming. One has a wired connection
to the wireless router, and works fine. The other uses a wireless
connection to the LAN, and has problems.

 From time to time, all the windows which the Ubuntu box has opened on
the wireless Windows machine freeze. They can be moved, but they don't
repaint if covered by other windows. And, of course, they don't accept
any input either from the mouse or the keyboard.

The only solution seems to be to restart Xming.

This has happened in two different locations using two different
wireless routers.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?



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