xinetd not reporting address to sshd

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Basic Problem:
when running an xinetd session, I get this error:
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection reset by peer
  Which translates to this in the logs:
Jun  8 21:02:05 rustyp xinetd[3263]: FAIL: ssh address from=<no
Jun  8 21:02:05 rustyp xinetd[3214]: START: ssh pid=3263 from=<no
Jun  8 21:02:05 rustyp xinetd[3214]: Deactivating service ssh due to
excessive incoming connections.  Restarting in 30 seconds.
Jun  8 21:02:05 rustyp xinetd[3214]: FAIL: ssh connections per second
from=<no address>

(The top two lines are actually done about 30 times, as sshd constantly

-ssh works both locally and remotely when running as its own server
-xinetd+ssh works locally, though not remotely

xinetd was compiled with tcp wrapper support
ssh was compiled with tcp wrapper support, kerberos, pam, ldap, and

The connection is not via ipv6, but my system does support ipv6
whenever available.

This is the xinetd config for ssh:
service ssh
    port = 22
    socket_type = stream
    protocol = tcp
    user = root
    server = /usr/sbin/sshd
    server_args = -i
    type = UNLISTED
    wait = yes
    instances = 10

Anyone have any clue why xinetd is not passing ip address information
to ssh correctly?  Is there some magic needed to get it to work in a
mixed ipv6/ipv4 system?

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