X11 connections via SSH; password messages not seen

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Currently have WRQ Reflection v10 with Security compontents 10.0.4 and
trying to connect to various flavors of UNIX via SSH.

Password is due to expire, users do not see a message about impending
password expiration.  Passwords then expire and the account locks.

We are unable to add the '-t' option to the ssh command in Reflection.
 Any ideas?

Without the '-t' option, then there is no tty attached to this
session.  Therefore the is no entry placed in wtmp.  Hence, last shows
no connection.  The syslog will show the start ofthe connection.

Any ideas on how to get around the password problems?

Re: X11 connections via SSH; password messages not seen

M Mahan wrote:

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If you're in a rush, switch to CygWin as your X server. It's a lot
faster than trying to integrate that bulk of painful widgets to maintain
in WRQ...

Re: X11 connections via SSH; password messages not seen

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The SSH2 protocol (I don't know what version Reflection supports) has
a couple of nice ways of dealing with that, specifically
SSH_MSG_USERAUTH_PASSWD_CHANGEREQ (which provides the ability to change
an expired password during normal password authentication) and
keyboard-interactive authentication (which allows more interaction during
authentication than a vanilla password).  Neither require a tty, but both
require support in both client and server, so check to see what yours

You don't mention what SSH server(s) or UNIX platforms you're using,
with more details you might get better advice.

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