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I am trying to run cygwin with ssh into Linux machine. I use startx to
start Xwindow manager on WinXP. Then i do :

ssh -X -l <user> <IP-of-Linux>

On Linux terminal :

export DISPLAY=:0.0
xterm &

At this point i get
Xlib: connection to :0.0 refused by server.
Xlib: No protocol specified.

How do i pass the X application back to my Cygwin-X11 Xserver.
What am i missing.


Re: X window on ssh

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Don't do that, sshd will set $DISPLAY to an appropriate value.  If
$DISPLAY is not set, check that X forwarding is enabled on the server.
(For OpenSSH, check X11Forwarding and XAuthLocation, details will vary
for other SSH servers.)

If you need to mess with SSH's $DISPLAY then you're doing something

(Actually, that isn't always true, but if you know that then you know
enough to figure out what you need to do and when.)

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Re: X window on ssh

a2zasics wrote:
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I've been using cygwin to solaris quite a lot recently. I didn't have to
mess around with display settings. Just one line in cygwin:
ssh -X -u root
did the trick.
Did you know this works too?:
ssh -X root@

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