winscp crashed when access to a host located at differnet subnet.

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Here is some background of the winscp workstation and the host it tried
to reach:
Winscp worktation:
IP =; subnet =

Intermedia Gateway:
external IP =;
internal IP =;
Default gateway =;

Host(Interface) that winscp want to send file to:
IP =; subnet =

I can log on to fine, navigate around, etc. But when I
copy a file it either hangs the program or finishes the xfer and gives
the following error:

Copying file 'D:\MYDOCS\myfile.rar' fatally failed.
Network error: Connection reset by peer

Then the program crashes. Here's the last few lines of the log:

. SCP remote side confirmation (0)
. Sending BINARY data (first block)
. Network error: Connection reset by peer
* (ESshFatal) Copying files to remote side failed.
* (EAccessViolation) EAccessViolation

This is odd because I was using winSCP for a long while with no problems
to the same subnet, but only when I setup a intermedia gateway and want
to use this winscp transfer a large file to the host (
behind this intermedia gateway then the problem appeared.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? and how to solve the problem?


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