Win32: Resuming secure uploads

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In my travels I dump my pictures from my compact flash onto a typical
Windows machine in a too expensive and too slow Internet cafe.

Then I usually upload my pictures using pscp.exe.
pscp *.JPG

However if there is a network error (too often), I have to restart the
upload from the very beginning. It sometimes seems I have to watch the
upload taking place...

Rsync is what (I think) I would use to solve this problem (can't
remember the args), but I am having trouble finding something for the
win32 platform. Needs to be small and does not require a install. Can
someone point it out and the typical args I would need?

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Re: Win32: Resuming secure uploads

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PSFTP can do some of this, though there are some odd gaps in its facilities.
In particular, you can use "reput -r" to resume the upload of a whole
directory, but not "remput" to resume the upload of an arbitrary collection
of files.  At some point, this ought to get fixed, and support for
restarting transfers ought to be added to PSCP, too.

Ben Harris

Re: Win32: Resuming secure uploads

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AFAIK winscp project on sourceforge supports resuming transfers.

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