Win2k3 OpenSSH and DSA Keys - setreuid error

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I've got openssh installed on a windows 2003 server and am trying to get
keybased authentication working. I've got to a point where i can see the key
is being authenticated and it's establishing the connection, but then it
drops. I found on the internet that it's something to do with the setreuid
function and that the session tries to spawn a new connection with a
different profile to what originally started the service (system account).
Apparently i need to get the users to start the sshd service so that when i
log on as that user to make an ssh connection, it works.

I was wondering how i get the users profile to log on and if anyone has come
across this before. I know it's a bit more windows than ssh, but thought
perhaps someone in this group has come across this error before. I've tried
setting the service to log on as the user, and i've granted the user "log on
as a service" and "replace a process level token" and "create a token" in
the windows user rights assignment but the service will no longer start
unless i have the local system account as the one to log on the service.

Any help would be much appreciated


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