why "\" turn into "W" in putty??

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In my putty when I type "\" it disply "W"!! who can tell me why? and
how to change it to right?
very thanks!

Re: why "\" turn into "W" in putty??

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Something has gone very wrong with either keymapping, termcap on the
remote machine, selection of a keyboard in putty.  You'd need to
provide a lot more details perhaps before someone would be able to
help.   What type of keyboard are you using, what OS selections you've
made for your keyboard, what keymap you're using in putty, OS of the
remote system, it's language selections, then what might be going on
in termcap there.... .

One thing to try would be to test out SecureCRT and see if it handles
it differently or better, and that could isolate an ssh client issue
vs something with the server.    Or, compare experiences from users of
that same remote server, etc.    These can be kinda tricky because
there are so many possible issues in the chain.

Todd H.
http://www.toddh.net /

Re: why "\" turn into "W" in putty??

I use redhat in vmware which it run on windowsXP.then I use the putty
connect to redhat.but when I use SSH Secure Shell It is very right! I
should change wich config option in putty ?thanks. and sorry for my
poor English.

Todd H. wrote:
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