Why does my ssh open Vim?

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I execute "ssh -t localhost" and get the following output below.
Notice the last line is a warning from Vim. The shell hangs and I have
to enter ":q" to exit Vim. I don't see any direct calls to Vim from
any system or local config files for profile, bash or ssh. In fact,
I'm using the default install from Ubuntu. Does anyone know who might
be calling Vim? How can I track it down?

"Linux ubuntu-scooby 2.6.31-22-generic #67-Ubuntu SMP Sat Oct 16
19:10:07 UTC 2010 i686

To access official Ubuntu documentation, please visit:
http://help.ubuntu.com /

Last login: Fri Oct 22 18:33:52 2010 from localhost
Vim: Warning: Output is not to a terminal"

Re: Why does my ssh open Vim?

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Oh, boy. What *do* you have in your .profile, .bashrc, etc? Do you
have 'ssh' aliased to anything? Does this happen for other users? Have
you been editing your /etc/profile to do anything else? What does /var/
log/secure show, and /var/log/messages?

Re: Why does my ssh open Vim?

On Wed, 27 Oct 2010 at 23:07 -0000, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:

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What are the impacts of using multiple -t options or using -T?  Is -t
significant in causing the problem?

Try adding multiple -v options to the ssh command to do better

Anything funky in ~/.ssh/config or /etc/ssh/ssh_config?  For example
is LocalCommand set to something.

Anything funky in /etc/sshd_config.  For example is ForceCommand set?

Anything funky in ~/.ssh/rc?

Is localhost set to something funky in /etc/hosts or in your dns?  Try instead of localhost.

Does the problem occur without ssh being involved?  Try "bash -l".  If
so try "bash -x -l" to trace the set of start up stuff.

Try the above after exiting vim inside the ssh session.

Just some additional suggestions.

Stuart Barkley
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