Which shell / terminaltype for SSH Tectia for Windows?

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This may be a newbie question, but the SSH.COM knowledge base doesn't give
me an answer, my one-year-support at SSH.COM has expired, so I hope somebody
on this group can help.

My remote Windows2003 server runs SSH Tectia 4.05 Server. I connect from XP
using putty 0.58 or the SSH non-commercial client version 3.2.9. I want my
ssh-connection to behave as a CMD command-prompt started from Windows. This
is my ssh welcoming text
Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790]
(C) Copyright 1985-2003 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\sshuser1>

Typing "telnet localhost 25" at the command line, launches something
somewhere on the server. But I just can't see it. My prompt immediately
returns to "C:\Documents and Settings\sshuser1>" instead of showing me the
telnet output. On unix I would see the telnet output.
A similar issue is the command "vim.exe", which hangs my ssh-session, the
output from vim is not shown to me, but the keyboard input is sent to a
invisible vim-session, and enables me to quit vim and return to the ssh
window. Vim outputs "Vim: Warning: Output is not to a terminal".

Q: How can I configure Tectia (or the ssh client) to show me the output? (My
"Terminal provider"-setting in Tectia is the default, "cmd.exe", putty
settings are default)

Best regards

Re: Which shell / terminaltype for SSH Tectia for Windows?

Peter Juuls wrote:
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Port 25? That's the SMTP port, for email, not the port for SSH. I suspect
you want port 22.

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Can you install OpenSSH on an alternative port and test with that?

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I don't know for Tectia, but you can easily install CygWin with the OpenSSH
client and use "ssh -v" with as many -v's as you need to display as much as
possible of the connection.

Re: Which shell / terminaltype for SSH Tectia for Windows?

Hi Nico,

You got me wrong.
My setup:
- Client: XP running Putty
- Server: Windows 2003 Server running SSH.COM Tectia 4.05 sshd server

My problem:
I start up Putty on my XP, connect to the remote server with ssh, log into
Tectia, and see a shell, provided by the CMD.EXE program on the Windows 2003
Server. This shell does not look and feel the way I want it to. Now, I
cannot execute commands, that clears the screen, among these "vim.exe" and
"telnet localhost 25". I want a shell, just like the one I start from
Start-> Run-> CMD.EXE locally on the Windows 2003 server.

My question:
Can I configure Tectia or Putty or CMD.EXE to get the shell that I want?
Should I use a different program instead of CMD.EXE?

PS: I spend 3 hours trying to install openssh (cygwin-sshd) on Windows2003
with no luck, the deamon wont start, keeps complaining that keys could not
be read.

Best regards

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