Where is the file that OpenSSH (Windows) uses for logging?

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I'm running OpenSSH on Windows.

In sshd_config set LogLevel to DEBUG3 and am now looking for the log
file ... in var\log I see 3 files: OpenSSHd.log (empty), wtmp and
lastlog. wtmp and lastlog are in a binary format (is there a tool to read)?

Apparently, OpenSSHd is stderr, not stdout.  (correct?)

So, where is stdout?

Re: Where is the file that OpenSSH (Windows) uses for logging?

The tool to read wtmp is 'last' and it is in OpenSSH\bin. Running last
without any parmeters will display the binary data in ..\var\log\wtmp
as text.

To see stderr, start sshd from the command line (i.e. not as a system
service) and use the appropriate debugging flags (I think it is -ddd),
then use a command line redirection operator to direct stderr to a
file. (See


for details on redirection)

You will want to invoke sshd as something like

sshd -ddd 2>C:\sshd_stderr_log



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