What's so special about X11-forwarding?

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today I've got a new account on a linux-machine. But root forget to
setup X11-forwarding in the config file of the sshd. The normal
portforwarding is allowed. So, I've made a simple test:

Started the X11-Server on my windows box, :2, listenport is 6002. In the
putty-setup, I configurated portforwarding: Source: 6002, Remote:
localhost:6002, Remote. Logged in and typed: "export
DISPLAY=localhost:2". And it simply worked! I've started the
application, and the X11-stream runs through the ssh-connection.

Now the question arises in my head: What's the difference between the
special config of X11-forwarding and normal portforwarding?


Re: What's so special about X11-forwarding?

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Not much, if you've got access control turned off on your X server. But
if you've got it turned on, or are using XDMCP, then X11 forwarding does
some magic with the authentication that goes beyond just forwarding he
packets. Also, the X11 forwarding does some rewriting of the packet
stream to optimize things a bit.

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