what does BUG_SSH2_HMAC do?

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I'm trying to figure out what BUG_SSH2_HMAC does in PuTTy's SSH.c
and...  well, I can't.  All that I seem to be able to find is this:

     * Be prepared to work around the buggy MAC problem.
    if (ssh->remote_bugs & BUG_SSH2_HMAC)
    s->maclist = buggymacs, s->nmacs = lenof(buggymacs);
    s->maclist = macs, s->nmacs = lenof(macs);

Doing a search for buggymacs reveals this:

const static struct ssh_mac *macs[] = {
    &ssh_sha1, &ssh_md5, &ssh_mac_none
const static struct ssh_mac *buggymacs[] = {
    &ssh_sha1_buggy, &ssh_md5, &ssh_mac_none

Beyond that, there don't appear to be any references of importance to
ssh_sha1_buggy, buggymacs, or BUG_SSH2_MACs.  As such, I'm not really
sure what the buggy SSH2 HMAC thing is supposed to do...  any ideas?

Re: what does BUG_SSH2_HMAC do?

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`macs' is the usual list of MAC algorithms supported by PuTTY, and
offered to the server in the KEXINIT list.

`buggymacs' is a replacement for it, used on particular servers
which mis-implement hmac-sha1 and hmac-sha1-96. If you look in
sshsha.c, you'll find that the buggy versions are exactly the same
as the normal hmac-sha1 algorithms, but call sha1_key_buggy instead
of sha1_key, which uses only 16 bytes of key material.
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Re: what does BUG_SSH2_HMAC do?

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