Want to access my own sever via Putty

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Hello all;

I've been using Putty to access my web site (hosted by an ISP) for some time

I am now trying to run my own server. I am using Windows NT4 and have
installed Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl, Xmail, War FTP, etc., etc., etc.

Everything seems to be running fine.

I would like the ability to access my server via Putty. When I enter the
name of the server (from my hosts file), I get a connection refused msg (I
can access Apache, and war FTP just fine so I know the server name and
network are OK). I know I need something running on the server (port
2220?) -- but what?

I've checked the Putty site and scanned the FAQs and docs -- but did not see
anything (perhaps I overlooked it, or just didn't know I saw it).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



Re: Want to access my own sever via Putty

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First, why NT4? It's not exactly new. And not exactly supported anymore.
And never was particularly stable, or secure.

Secondly, why Windows? It's not particularly stable or secure either,
and the applications you are planning to run are likely to run at least
as well (i.e., almost certainly better) on *nix.

That being said, PuTTY is a program to connect to an ssh server,
commonly called sshd ('daemon'). So you need to find an sshd first.
There are a couple, I seem to recall, and at least OpenSSH will run
under CygWin ('UNIX for Windows'). Most *nix distributions come with
sshd enabled or the option to enable this while installing.

However, if you have good bandwidth, it might be more appealing to the
point-and-click nature of the usual Windows administrator to use
VNC - for instance, Remote Desktop or TightVNC. Tunnel it over, for
instance, stunnel (available for Windows and *nix), and add
certificate-based authentication to stunnel, and it's pretty secure. As
long as you remember to only allow connections from stunnel.


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