vnc over ssh

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My Work LAN have a firewall with 2 NIC
(RED)xx.yy.xx.6 and (GREEN)

I installed ssh server  on firewall: OK
I installed ssh server  and vnc server on MyServer (NIC IP

With my home pc i try ssh  connection and it's all right.
Also vnc server it's all right. (I use DNAT from port wwww on my
firewall to 5901 on myserver) (display=1)

Now i want to use a secure tunnel.

I try with:

ssh -f -L  25902: ivan@xx.yy.xx.6  sleep 10; vncviewer

but it doesn't work.

help me


Re: vnc over ssh writes:
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I'm gonna be nice and assume english is a second language and forgive
the "command" form of "help me" in lieu of the more polite "Can anyone
please help me?"  

A few things I'm thinking:
        your port forwarding in your ssh command goes to
        but you told us your vnc server is on .5

        your ssh command may only hold a connection for 10 seconds.

        dunno if -f is causing things to break.  

        You may want instead:

ssh -L 25902: ivan@xx.yy.xx.6  "perl -e 'while(getppid >
1){sleep 15}'"

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

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