Using ssh tunnel created by PuTTy within PuTTy doesn't work

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I'm trying to add on some of my own win32 code to the PuTTy source to
retrieve a web page through an ssh tunnel.  I establish the tunnel on
port 80 with one of my PuTTy sessions.  Once connected and the tunnel
is established, I have code that creates a new socket connection to
localhost port 80 to retrieve a file when an certain escape sequence is
encountered.  The problem is, the connection always hangs waiting to
receive data from the web server.  I have also tried using
ShellExecuteEx() within my code to run wget.exe to retrieve the web
page.  This also hangs.  I can test that the tunnel exists by telneting
to port 80 and pasting the HTTP GET command, and also by bringing up a
web browser... both of these work fine.  Also if I bring up an
identical second PuTTy session, the web retrieval works in that
session.  Can someone please explain to me why this does not work and
what I can do to make it work?  Thanks.

Re: Using ssh tunnel created by PuTTy within PuTTy doesn't work

dont use putty.exe within scripts, use plink.exe

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