Using ssh as SOCKS5 proxy results in "Connection to .... closed by remote host"

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I am trying to use the dynamic port forwarding feature of OpenSSH.
It seems to work fine for a short period of time (1-2s, enough for firefox to load a single page), but then the ssh connection fails with the following message:
"Connection to closed by remote host"

The server is running debian wheezy (mips), the client Fedora 20.
I've uploaded the verbose log generated by the client to:

In /var/log/auth.log only two lines are added in the event of disconnect:
Aug 26 18:26:39 OpenWrt sshd[2689]: Received disconnect from ........: 11: disconnected by user
Aug 26 18:26:39 OpenWrt sshd[2689]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session closed for user root

Any further ideas to trace this issue down would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance, Clemens

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