Using Putty only with port forwarding

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On a Unix (Solaris) server I have OpenSSH 3.4p1 running.  I have setup
an account which should be used by a number of users only to do port
forwarding to a given port, but they should not be able to execute a
shell or any other command.  In the authorized_keys file of that
account I did

    ssh-rsa <key-data> <comment>

This works as expected when using the OpenSSH client with -N option to
not execute a command on the remote side, i.e.

    ssh -N -f -L 2401:localhost:2401 user@server

However, some users on Windows machines want to use Putty on the
client side, and I couldn't find a way to prevent Putty from trying to
run a shell or a command on the server.  In any case the server would
run /bin/false and disconnect.

One idea I haven't tried yet is to run cat >/dev/null instead of
/bin/false, so the command doesn't exit and the connection is kept.
This is not very elegant however, compared to OpenSSH's -N option.  Is
there a way to cleanly do what I want with Putty?


Re: Using Putty only with port forwarding

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Try "command=/bin/sleep 1000".  That way they'll exit eventually, rather
than hanging around indefinitely after the connections die.  If you need
to keep the connections up indefinitely, put PuTTY's plink in a loop
or something.

As long as there's a forwarded channel opened before the sleep finishes
the sshd will wait for it to finish before exitting (although as it
looks like you're forwarding CVS, that probably won't matter much).

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Re: Using Putty only with port forwarding

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No, not at the moment.  It's on the wishlist:


Re: Using Putty only with port forwarding

Urs Thuermann wrote:

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just create a null-shell on the serverside (ie. a small prog that just
echoes the input or such thing) and make it the users shell. This should be
ok. Whatever you specify on client-side can be changed by your users.


peter pilsl

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