Using pscp from a Windows service

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I've been trying to get the pscp client (from putty) to work while
being called by a Windows service, but I'm having problems.

For background, we have a web authoring environment on a Windows 2000
server which used to deploy via FTP to the website; in our new
environment, we want to use SSH for deployment and I've written (and
tested) a batch script to handle the pscp commands to deploy the site.
 However, when running this from the service, I get the "server's host
key is not cached in the registry" error as the service runs as "local
system" (previous tests having been done as "Administrator").  Since I
can't log in as that user, I can't get the host keys set up.

I've tried exporting the relevant part of HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software
in the registry and added a regedit /s, but that just gives an error
(I suspect that Local System doesn't have HKEY_CURRENT_USER).  There
doesn't seem to be a way to tell pscp to accept a certain host key or
bypass this error.

Anyone have any ideas?

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