Using plink to reverse forward connection

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I am developing a system in Windows.
This system will be installed on client machines.
Also, bundled with the system, is a VNC server which listen to the
standard port, 5900 on the client machine.

What I need is the following: suppose I am the administrator of such
system copies, and the client needs assistance, and suppose I cannot
access the client computer because it has a firewall.
The solution I thought was this: bundle a copy of plink with the
system, make a TCP SSH connection with a SSH server which has a VNC
Viewer and do a "reverse" connection, in such a way that from that
server I can access the client machine, even if it has a firewall.

The command I wrote for achieving this was:

plink -ssh -R 49687:localhost:5900 user@server

in order to connect to the client machine by simply typing in the

vncviewer localhost:49687

But I did the try and the connection was refused. What am i doing

Thank you very much.


Re: Using plink to reverse forward connection

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As I understand it, vncviewer takes a VNC display number as an argument, not
a port number.  Try

vncviewer localhost:43787

Ben Harris

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