Using plink as local proxy

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Say I have plink configured as a local proxy...

    plink -ssh proxy-host -nc target-host:22

The idea is to establish a SSH connection with proxy-host and replace that with
an SSH connection with target-host as PuTTY's "main session."  Now, if I have
port forwarding rules defined, are those going to be relative to proxy-host or
target-host?  For example, with "-L 9110:remote-host:110" will remote-host
see the incoming connection I initiate with localhost:9110 as sourced from
proxy-host or target-host?  If--as "replacing the main session" would imply
(when using the -nc option)--remote-host sees target-host as the source of the
connection, how might one set things up so that proxy-host handles the port
forwarding, rather than target-host?


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