User's settings in system-wide configuration file

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I have to setup some ssh tunnels for users.

In order to simplify the setup for users, I can give a ~/.ssh/config file
with something like:

Host tunnel
    HostName my.gateway.ssh
    LocalForward 3306
    User TSE-User1

and users just type
$ ssh tunnel
and it's done.
But I want to simplify my setup and put those directives on the sshd server.

Is it possible to use a system-wide config file, like:
User TSE-User1
    LocalForward 3306

And when TSE-User1 logs in, the tunnel is automatically up.

I know that I can use directives with the "match" directives, as:
match User TSE-User1
but it's not effective for Tunnel, man says:
        Only a subset of keywords may be used on the lines following a
        Match keyword.  Available keywords are (...) <- nothing about tunnel

Any idea on how to put all configuration server-side?  

Re: User's settings in system-wide configuration file

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You can't do this. The local forwarding setup is entirely on the client
side, and the server has no way to instruct the client to do it.

- Richard

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