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Is there any way of solving my problem? I would like to upload a quite
huge file from ftp (or http) to my account on a remote server via
shell. But on this server there is a size limit for a file. So this
huge file is to big to be stored on this server in one piece. When I
use wget it simply stops uploading when the uploaded part's size
reaches the limit. The uploaded part isn't deleted and also a file
named "core.1234" of size about 164kb is being created. And the
question is: how to continue uploading this huge file, from the offset
wget stopped, to a new file (creating a new part). When I will be able
to do this, I'll easily join these parts into a one huge file on my
computer. Did anyone faced and solved this problem?
Thanks in advance.

Re: uploading a part of a file

Why did you post this to comp.security.ssh?

  Richard Silverman

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