tunneling skype w/ ssh on PDA

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I am going out of the U.S. and would like to use skype to call home for
free (it's free only in US). I want to tunnel skype through SSH and
along with all other internet browsing. The catch is that this must be
done with a pocket pc as a client. I know VPN would probably do this
but VPN is not NAT friendly and a pain in general. Any ideas on the
software/configuration I need for the pda. Also I have a Fedora server,
what server software should I put on it.

As you can see this is new too me.

Nite Rider

Re: tunneling skype w/ ssh on PDA

On Sat, 20 May 2006 01:52:58 -0700, Nite Rider wrote:

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I use a PPTP VPN from behind a NAT with some regularity.  It seems to work
fine, though this is on PalmOS, not WinCE.

To get a PPTP server, I used Devil Linux (pointlessly audience limiting
name, good distribution).  That made it easy, including no kernel tweaking
(which is a pain when you have a security patch, because you have to patch
your kernels endlessly).

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