Troubles With PuTTY And SCO 3.2 Server

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I am having what looks like terminal emulation issues connecting to a
SCO Unix 3.2 server (SCO_SV 3.2 2 i386) using PuTTY 0.53b.

The SCO server is reporting SSH-1.5-1.2.27 and we are connecting using
protocol version 1.  All seems OK when entering user name and password,
but the session then seems hung at the shell prompt.

No input is echoed, and it seems that it doesn't reach the server.
Typing exit or any other command doesn't get a response.  However, it
seems the connection is still up as echoing a string from the server end
and redirecting to the /dev/ttypX device displays the text in PuTTY.

I can happily get a working connection using plink.exe instead of PuTTY,
or even using ssh under Cygwin.  Unfortunately this doesn't give me
proper key mapping in some menu applications.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing PuTTY to behave
this way?  Any suggestions on which configuration combination will work
(I've played with just about all of them, I can tell you that!).

Thanks in advance,


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