Trouble coping files

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So I am trying to copy files from my Linksys WRT54G Router, running a
EWRT Linux written by the folks at When I try to copy
from the router, this is what I get:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop>pscp -r -unsafe -l root
1.1:/opt/htdocs htdocs
root@'s password:
warning: remote host sent a compound pathname 'c:'
         renaming local file to ''
security violation: remote host attempted to write to a '.' or '..'

and all that happens is that is creates the "htdocs" directory, and
doesn't copy individual files. I can copy individual files, but just
not the whole directory and subfolders. Any help would be greatly

Re: Trouble coping files

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There's a shuddering amount of spaces in your directory names and
I strongly suggest disabling root ssh access if possible on the
router. Anyway, use 'winscp' (try a google search), this should
ease up things.

Good luck

Michael Heiming (X-PGP-Sig > GPG-Key ID: EDD27B94)
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