timeout after exactly 2 hrs. 8minutes

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hi there,

i'm trying to debug a rather strange issue on an ssh gateway that is
situated in a DMZ (behind a firewall).

the server is running openssh-3.5p1. we have set
KeepAlive no
in the sshd_config.

there are no OS-level TCP timeouts set in /etc/system.

our network administrator confirms that Keepalive is not set on the switch
interface to which the system is connected.

yet our tests all time out at exactly 2 hours 8 minutes, so there must be a
timeout set *somewhere*.

any ideas?

thanks in advance for your help!

ps. this is a Sun netra t1 105 running Solaris 7.

Re: timeout after exactly 2 hrs. 8minutes

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No ideas, but I'll note that 2hr8min is 60+60+8 = 128 minutes, a
suspiciously power-of-two number.

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