Things to check when you can't ssh to another host.

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Been tearing my hair out intermittently for three days over this one.

I'm in the process of upgrading servers from old clunky 1 ghz single
cpu, two disk boxes to
older dual processor 500 Mhz, 8 SCSI disk boxes with redundent power

Anyway:  Two nearly identical old boxes, conan and postie.  Two new
boxes, peon and serf.

After appropriate key copying, root@serf can login to postie, but gets
a "Sorry can't connect"
message from conan.

Looked this up on the net, and while I found various suggestions, I
eventuallly found the answer myself.

Figured I'd enter it here.  If the FAQ maintainer wants to add this to
his FAQ, he has my blessing.

Things I checked:
1.  Compared the sshd_config files on both computers.  Both were
2.  Compared the ssh_config files.  Ditto.
3.  Ran sshd -p 27 -dd on conan, and then connected from serf.
Received disconnect just after
a PAM message.  Aha!
4.  Compared the pam.conf files. Identical.  Rats!
5.  Some one suggested login.conf.  Also identical.  Very large
6.  Finally found that login.access was different on conan.  I had
been clever when setting it up 4 years ago, and had forgotten that I'd
restricted the access.

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