Tectia SSH only one forwarded session

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Hello All,
We use Tectia SSH to access the DMZ machines (Solaris 10). Authentication u
ses pkcs#11 cert on smartcard in the local Windows PC. First login goes to  
so-called "jumphost", from where another SSH session is made to the destina
tion server in DMZ.  
While I can open as many session as I like to the jumphost, olny one of thi
se sessions at time allows me to establish the next hop connection, no matt
er to the same DMZ server or to another. Until the first connection from ju
mphost is closed, all other connections return
  "No more authentication methods available (local): Authentication failed"

No matter how verbose I run the ssh client, the second session attempt retu
rns only  
2014-12-19 09:21:06: 703 Auth_methods_available, Auth methods: publickey, S
ession-Id: 4
2014-12-19 09:21:06: 6303 Broker_userauth_method_failure, "publickey", Sess
ion-Id: 4
2014-12-19 09:21:06: 6301 Broker_userauth_failure, "Server offered auth met
hod 'publickey', but the method is not enabled in the client configuration  
or the method has failed.", Session-Id: 4

Normally, I would continue trouble-shooting by starting a verbose ssh serve
r on alternative port on the target machine... But in this specific environ
ment, this would require alot of approval procedures, so I'd better check i
f someone here gives me a less intrusive hint ))

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