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I am running sshd on a custom QNX environment.  If I run an application
that calls tcsetpgrp(0, getpid()), the call fails with errno set to
ENOTTY.  There isn't anything untoward that happens otherwise, but I am
wondering if there is some parameter that is not being setup properly.

The tcsetpgrp() function causes breaks on the terminal device to
generate a SIGINT on all processes in the given group, so I am
wondering if there is some conflict with the way ssh handles SIGINT

Any insight appreciated.


Re: tcsetpgrp()

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Which SSH implementation and version thereof are you running?  If it's
OpenSSH, one possibilty is this:

On QNX (or at least Neutrino) the pty allocation process apparently
has an unfortunate habit of acquiring the pty it's allocating as sshd's
controlling terminal (this happens on a number of SysV derived systems
including Solaris).

You can try adding -DSSHD_ACQUIRES_CTTY to your CFLAGS to work around
this.  In the next release of OpenSSH (4.4), configure will do this

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