Switching AIX to use LDAP authentication while still being able to use local accounts.

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I have setup my AD account so that it can login to my AIX server. I have re
moved my local AIX account and have permanently switched to using my AD acc
ount. I'm using putty to ssh into my AIX server. If I don't specify my priv
ate key to use in putty, I can see all the AD groups that were created on t
he AD side. If I specify my private key to use because I want to use passwo
rdless authentication, I see all the corresponding local AIX groups. Is thi
s how it's supposed to work?

With no private for passwordless authentication I get the groups created on

uid=11401(HernanJ2) gid=3000(aix_sugp) groups=3002(aix_asgp),3004(aix

But with my private key, I get the associated local AIX groups:

uid=11401(HernanJ2) gid=3000(admsugrp) groups=3002(db2asgrp),3004(mqb

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