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I have following subversion through ssh configuration on server:
RHEL3, OpenSSH openssh-3.6.1p2-33.30.12, Subversion 1.4 . Windows
clients using plink version 0.57 or Linux/Unix users using various ssh
versions have no problems with connecting to svn.

Windows clients using newer versions of plink (0.60) and SSH-1
protocol suffer from connection freeze - e.q. user runs svn checkout,
half of the data is transfered from server and then the communication
freezes. There is no such problems if they switch to the SSH-2

Please has anybody met similar problems, is there any way how can I
debug the problem (the -v option or debug logs on server say nothing)?

  Thanks, Petr.

Re: Subversion and plink

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*WHY* are you still using RHEL 3? And can you test against CentOS 5,
or RHEL 5?

Re: Subversion and plink

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Because everything works without problems on this server and I can
have problems with Dell RAID drivers on other systems. I've tried to
upgrade the ssh server to 5.1 and still have the same problems.

  Regards, Petr.

Re: Subversion and plink

petrhlavka wrote:
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I've not had your RAID problems with Dell, but I insist on keeping things
simple and going with Adaptec wherever feasible. This doesn't solve your
problem, of course, but trying to keep an OS that old updated to contemporary
tools is far more expensive than buying an Adaptec card and installing it as
needed, in my experience.

You've got a complex set of interacting components, which cannot be reasonably
expected to remain compatible or well integrated over time. What are your odds
of switching to Linus Torvald's 'git' source control? Or transferring your
Subversion and SSH systems to a contemporary OS?

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