Stuck client

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I'm initiating a reverse tunnel from the server like this:

ssh cz -nNCTR 5433:localhost4:5432

And it works as expected. But when after some time the ADSL
connections fails the client is stuck and I can't initiate another
reverse tunnel until I log to the client and kill the process.

I would like the client process to finish when there is no answer from
the server.

This are some lines from the client's ssh_config:

ServerAliveCountMax 6
ServerAliveInterval 8
TCPKeepAlive no

And from the server's sshd_config:

Protocol 2
TCPKeepAlive no
ClientAliveInterval 10
ClientAliveCountMax 6

This is Centos 6. In Centos 5 it was working as expected, although I'm
not sure the configuration directives were the same.

What I am missing?

Regards, Clodoaldo

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