strange puTTY plink warning when using cvs over ssh

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I am using puTTY to help with cvs over ssh and in general it works but
there is a strange warning message. A checkout command gives the
following, waits for quite a while, then proceeds with the checkout

' from cvs serverning: unrecognized response `
cvs checkout: warning: unrecognized response
 Files\Putty\plink" -1 -l amarlow -P portnumber -i "c:\.ssh\identity"
-l "amarlow" machinename
' from cvs server

where portnumber and machinename are the port number and machine name
that I am using.

I'm not sure what 'serverning' is but I think the 'from cvs server'
and 'warning: unrecognized response' messages are getting mangled

This has been reported as a cvs problem. See the cvs archive link:

but I think this is a puTTY problem. Everything works fine for me with
the same cvs setup when using solaris, and when using Windoze and
cygwin to do the ssh bit. So the only problem is when using puTTY,
even though the message is being emitted by cvs.

Please note: the cvs thread was resolved by telling the OP how to
avoid the system prompting for a password, but I do not have that
problem. Also, I can use puTTY interactively to go directly into the
cvs repository machine with no problems.


Andrew Marlow

Re: strange puTTY plink warning when using cvs over ssh (apm) wrote in message
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This problem has got more serious. My projects build scripts were
changed to check the exit status of cvs to ensure the checkout worked.
The puTTY warning above causes the exit status to be set such that the
script thinks the cvs checkout has failed. A puTTY fix would be MOST
welcome. In the meantime we have to ignore checkout errors and blunder



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