SSHD reverese DNS lookup failures after IP change

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Hi All

I have a bsdi based box with SSHD.

The IP on this box was changed - moved between networks - so the
DNS server is now different that it was before.

The problem I am having is a lag when authentication.  I can initiate
the ssh connection, enter my credentials, and then hit a big lag in
time while it attempts to reverse DNS lookup my client IP.

I have edited my resolv.conf file to have the proper IP address.  I
have restarted the SSHD, but I am still seeing the following in my

<38> Oct 18 15:22:23  sshd[835]: Could not reverse map address

And a tcpdump shows that sshd is for whatever reason trying to go to
the old IP address:

9:06:19.930660 >  45689+ PTR? (44)
19:06:20.127768 > . ack 2066 win
64048 (DF)
19:06:24.927964 >  45689+ PTR? (44)
19:06:29.928137 >  45690+ PTR? (48)
19:06:34.928108 >  45690+ PTR? (48)

It would seem that ssh is getting that from somewhere.  I'd
appreciate any suggestions.


Re: SSHD reverese DNS lookup failures after IP change

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[much snipped]

The obvious question is:  What does "nslookup" (or "dig") have to
say about the IP address in question (for both forward and reverse

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