sshd does not start at host startup

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Hello Group,

I downloaded openssh-4.3p2-72.el5_6.3.src.rpm   built the rpm and
installed it on my machine.

However, sshd daemon does not start when the host comes up.

When I try to start it manually it says

Starting sshd: Auto configuration failed

29545 Error: 0E065068 configuration file routine: STR_COPY: variable
has no value:
conf_def.c:629: line 233
and when I try to login from outside it fails.  Obviously because
daemon has not started.

My  HOME  variable is defined

HOME =             .

in openssl.cnf file.  I already checked that.

Could someone please tell me the reason and what can I do to correct
this error and start my ssh daemon successfully at startup
I am sure womeone out there must have encounered the same problem.

The system works perfectly fine with the old version of openssh i.e.


Thanking in anticipation


Re: sshd does not start at host startup

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Anything in /var/log/messages or relevant log files?

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Re: sshd does not start at host startup

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on both versions
    strings -  /pathname/to/sshd | grep sshd_config

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