sshd_config requires ListenAddress?

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I have a solaris 8 box (sparc) which had openssh 3.7.1p2.  It was
recently upgraded to 5.8p1.  Under 3.7, the ListenAddress field in
sshd_config was left blank ("#ListenAddress") where presumably
sshd automagically figured out the systems IP address and used it.
Under 5.8 however, sshd generates errors and quits unless I explicitly
tell it what IP address to use via sshd_config.  Both versions of
openssh came for the sunfreeware site.

Has this behavior in openssh changed between 3.7 and 5.8?  Or is this
a sign that I goofed up the installation?  I upgraded openssl and
added libintl and libiconv, and since sshd does work, I presume I've
resolved all dependency issues.  BTW, the system has only one NIC and
I'm not trying to do anything exotic with the networking on this box.


Re: sshd_config requires ListenAddress?

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If you run a 10 year old OS with contemporary versions of software,
including 2 major version upgrades and over a dozen minor  releases,
you're going to have configuration and compatibility problems. Given
Sun's purchase by Oracle and the ongoing discard of Solaris by
developers and migration by Oracle off of Sun hardware and operating
systems, it's very much time to think of migrating off of that.

That said, are you starting with your old config files, or a clean new
default sshd_config files? And did you upgrade all those components
out of 'sunfreeware' or building some yourself? Have you kept your
other system patches up to date?

Re: sshd_config requires ListenAddress?

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I'm using the new version's config file.  Actually, after doing more
looking around,
I think the problem is that openssh now supports ipv6 which my old
version didn't.
In the top few lines were you specify ipv6/inet support and ipv4 and
ipv6 listen
addresses, I suspect something has to be uncommented and specified.
You can't
let them all go to defaults which is what I did w/ the old openssh.

All my sunfreeware stuff is pre-built and the last time I patched the
machine was
around 2006 when I threw a big patchball at it.


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