SSH2's max packet length field in SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN

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When sending a SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN packet one of the fields is max
packet length and it's unclear to me what this field is referring to.
rfc4253#section-6.1 says "all  implementations MUST be able to process
packets with an uncompressed payload length of 32768 bytes or less and
a total packet size of 35000 bytes or less".  So is the max packet
length field of the SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_OPEN referring to the payload and
not the entire packet?  And if so, presumably, for SFTP, the type,
request id, and string length would all contribute to the length?

Also, if so, why does rfc4254#section-6.1 say "maximum packet length"
instead of "maximum payload length"?  Seems to more that the latter
would be more to the point than the former would be.

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