ssh2 on VMS error message

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I keep getting this error message when I run this command on VMS Itanium RX
6600 HO IA64 box - OpenVMS V8.3-1H1  

this is the ssh version installed:
--> ssh -v
S (V5.5) 3.2.0 on HP rx6600  (1.59GHz/9.0MB) - VMS V8.3-1H1

this is the command that is called:

$ scp "UserName@ServerName:/FullPath/FileName" FileName

Executing ssh2 failed. Command:' /sys$system/tcpip$ssh_ssh2 -l UserName -o  
batchmode yes -x -a -o clearallforwardings yes -o passwordprompt %U@%H's pa
ssword:  -o nodelay yes -o authenticationnotify yes ServerName -s sftp  ' S
ystem error message: 'no such device or address'

Any idea what is causing this error???
I do not see the error on VMS Alpha bo x running on OpenVMS V8.3  


Re: ssh2 on VMS error message

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The scp program is trying to run ssh2 in a subprocess talking to the
SFTP subsystem on the server (the Tectia software uses SFTP for
scp rather than an rcp-like protocol over an SSH connection, as OpenSSH

I would check whether "/sys$system/tcpip$ssh_ssh2" is a valid pathname
for the ssh2 program on this platform. There's also an apparent
extraneous space at the beginning, which might be a problem if it's
really there, or perhaps the entire command string with arguments is
being used as the image name?

- Richard

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